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What is a virtual hearing?

A common Question we receive is:

“What is a virtual hearing?”

We get asked this question so often, we’ve decided to create this Pennsylvania workers’ compensation virtual hearing guide to help you understand what a virtual hearing is, and how to navigate your virtual hearing when the time comes.

So, let’s answer the question “What is a virtual hearing?”

In terms of PA workers’ compensation: A virtual hearing is a workers’ compensation hearing that is held virtually on Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams acts as a virtual courtroom, so you don’t have to physically make an appearance in court, the whole hearing is held on a video conference.

When did Workers’ Compensation Virtual Hearings Start?

The switch to holding most PA workers’ comp hearings as virtual hearings started around the time of the COVID 19 pandemic.

It important to understand that since the COVID-19 pandemic most workers compensation hearings in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are now held as workers’ compensation virtual hearings and they are done through Microsoft teams.

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Workers’ Compensation Virtual Hearing?

Even though you’ll probably be attending a virtual workers’ compensation hearing, you should treat the workers’ compensation virtual hearing exactly the same as an in person hearing.

So Yes, you should hire a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyer with experience in helping clients with virtual workers’ compensation hearings.

This is still a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation hearing and should be taken very seriously by you, and your attorney.

A good workers’ compensation attorney will prepare you for, and guide you through, your PA workers’ compensation virtual hearing.

Attorney Joshua B. Goldberg of ARM Lawyers has helped work injury victims prepare for, and successfully complete, their workers’ compensation virtual hearings in Pennsylvania since workers’ compensation virtual hearings came around.

Reach out to us by phone, or fill out our contact form, and schedule your free consultation with Attorney Goldberg today.

Get the help you need to feel confident going into your PA workers’ comp virtual hearing.

How to Prepare for My Virtual Workers’ Compensation Hearing?

So, let’s say you have a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation virtual hearing pending, what do you do now?

If you have a virtual hearing pending, the first thing you need to do is:

Make sure that you have a reliable internet connection!

make sure that you have a device with camera and a microphone, like a computer with a webcam, a laptop, or a smartphone, and download the Microsoft teams application, if you don’t already have it, onto that device.

Now, the State of Pennsylvania has made the process of having a virtual workers’ compensation hearing really simple.

In most circumstances, you will provided with a direct link to your hearing.

If that happens in your particular case, you will not have to enter the meeting ID or passcode.

Simply click the link and you will automatically enter your virtual hearing.

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If you want to get familiar with Teams before your hearing, so you’re comfortable using the application, follow the steps below to get familiar with Microsoft Teams before your virtual hearing.

Getting Familiar With Microsoft Teams

After you have Teams downloaded on your device open the application and make sure it is working.

You don’t need a Microsoft Teams account to join a virtual conference in Teams, when you open the app you will see a login screen that also has the option “Join a Meeting”

Image: Workers' Compensation Virtual Hearing Guide Teams Login Screen

If you click the “Join a meeting” button, it will bring you to a screen that allows you to enter the Meeting ID and an optional meeting passcode.

Image: workers' compensation virtual hearing guide teams join a meeting screen

This is where you can enter the Meeting ID that is sent to you when it’s time for your workers’ compensation virtual hearing if you choose to not create a teams account.

If you want to create a teams account the process will have a few more steps, we’ll walk you through those as well.

Signing up for a Microsoft Teams account for video conferencing, or logging in to an existing account is a good idea to test and make sure that Teams is working properly on your device.

Once you are logged in to your account, find the “Meet” app on the sidebar.

If the Meet app isn’t in the sidebar its self, you might have to click the “View more apps” button on the sidebar to find it.

Image: workers' compensation virtual hearing guide finding the meet app

Once you’re in Meet, you can see all of the options available, and any meetings that you’ve already been invited to.

Image: workers' compensation virtual hearing guide meet app screen

We recommend that you get familiar with app interface and try everything out so you’re comfortable using the software when it comes time for your workers’ compensation virtual hearing.

Now is a good time to do a test hearing either by yourself, or with your attorney or your attorney’s staff to make sure that you’re comfortable with, and capable of getting into the hearing when it’s time.

But, learning and using Teams before your hearing is completely optional.

You don’t have to crate a Microsoft account and learn how to use Teams before your virtual workers’ compensation hearing.

You will be sent a direct link to your virtual hearing by the judge’s office.

You can just click that link and it will take you to your Microsoft Teams workers’ comp hearing.

The hearing link is active immediately when you receive it, so you must be prepared.

You don’t want to run into any complications or unfamiliar circumstances on the day of your virtual hearing that could cause you to be late or miss your hearing, so it’s important to prepare, and an experienced attorney will help you do that.

After you’ve made sure your connection and device are sufficient, downloaded Teams, familiarized yourself with the Meet app, and done some test runs in the app, you should be well prepared for your PA workers’ compensation virtual hearing.

If you have a Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp case on your hands, contact us today for a free Workers’ Comp consultation with Attorney Goldberg.

That brings us to our next question:

What Happens at My Workers’ Compensation Virtual Hearing?

What actually happens at the virtual workers’ comp hearing?

Pennsylvania workers’ compensation virtual hearings are exactly the same as in person workers’ compensation hearings held in a courtroom.

Well, except they’re virtual.

But, this doesn’t change anything from the courts perspective.

Whether your workers’ compensation hearing is held virtually or in person does not change the fact that this is a hearing in a court of law.

You should consider this to be court, and act exactly as you would if you were in-person in a court room.

So, you should make sure to dress appropriately, and conduct yourself as you would in a court room.

Even though you will not physically be in a court room, you might be in your living room or your bedroom, it’s important to understand that you will potentially be sworn in and you will be under oath.

A Pennsylvania workers’ compensation virtual hearing should be taken seriously, as should any hearing you attend in a court of law.

We hope you found this article helpful!

If you have a virtual workers’ compensation hearing coming up in PA and you have questions and/or need a lawyer to review your case, contact us immediately, we can help.

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