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Our multiple locations allow us to meet clients when and where it’s most convenient for them. Our multiple attorneys allow us to take cases across a variety of counties and states. We have different service areas for different case types, so give us a call to see if we can help.

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Our Practice Areas in Cranberry Township

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More About Our Practice Areas in Cranberry Township

Civil Litigation

Our Cranberry Township Civil Litigation Attorneys handle a wide range of legal

disputes in the State Courts of Pennsylvania. Don’t let anyone push you around.

We handle civil cases for business disputes, contract law, real estate disputes,

bankruptcy litigation, personal injury, and more.

Contact our Civil Litigation Lawyers in Cranberry Township Today.

Image: Civil Litigation Lawyer Near Me Cranberry Township PA
Image: Criminal Defense Lawyer Near Me Cranberry Township PA

Criminal Defense

Whether you’re under arrest or under investigation, you should not say anything

to the police until you’ve talked to one of our Criminal Defense Lawyers in

Cranberry Township. We handle criminal cases from misdemeanors to

felonies in state and federal courts.From simple drug charges, DUI’s,

and underage drinking charges, to murder, drug trafficking, and more

serious cases. Our Criminal Defense Attorneys are experienced and have seen it


Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer at our Cranberry Township office Today.

Debt Relief

A Consumer Law Attorney can help you enforce your rights. We help protect you

from unfair debt collection practicesTaxes, inaccurate credit reporting,

resolving student loan debt, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy,

and more. We fight for the consumer, not the major corporations.

Contact a Consumer Law Attorney in Cranberry Township Today.

Image: Debt Relief Lawyer Near Me Cranberry Township PA
Image: Social Security Disability Lawyer Near Me Cranberry Township PA

Social Security Disability

There are over 56 million Americans of all ages living with either a mild or severe

disability. Our Social Security Disability Attorneys help those with disabilities get

the benefits they deserve. Whether you qualify for SSDI or SSI our award winning

SSD Lawyers know how to navigate the system.

Contact a Social Security Disability Attorney in Cranberry Township Today.

Elder Law & Estates

Estate planning & administration is a complex legal procedure that

can be difficult to navigate without an Estate Attorney. Our Elder Law Attorneys

handle everything from guardianship, medicaid, and probate, to trusts and wills.

If you need to get your estate in order, contact ARM Lawyers.

Contact an Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorney in Cranberry Township Today.

Image: Elder Law & Estate Planning Lawyer Near Me Cranberry Township PA

Family Law

Our Cranberry Township Family Law Attorneys are experienced in a wide

array of Family Law matters. Our Family lawyers have been practicing in the

areas of family law for decades. Handling family law cases of all kinds and building

a great reputation for handling cases dealing with; Adoption, Alimony, Divorce,

Custody, Support, Prenuptial Agreements, Same-Sex Marriage, Mediation,

Protection from Abuse, etc. We understand these cases deeply, and will help make

the Family Law process as smooth as possible and get your case closed as quickly

as possible. Call us today to book a consultation.

Contact a Family Law Attorney in Cranberry Township Today.

Immigration Law

We try to make the immigration process as easy as possible.

If you’re looking for an Immigration Lawyer in or around Cranberry Township

give us a call and book an immigration consultation. We offer free consultations

to our potential immigration clients in Butler County, and the surrounding areas.

Please give us a call today if you need help with an immigration case, visa and/or

green card case, citizenship/naturalization, etc. We’re here to help.

Contact an Immigration Lawyer in Cranberry Township Today.

Image: Immigration Lawyer Near Me Cranberry Township PA

Personal Injury Law

A serious personal injury can change your life forever. A serious Cranberry

Township Personal Injury Lawyer can help you get your rightful compensation for

that injury. Our Cranberry Township Personal Injury Attorneys have decades of

experience with personal injury cases of all kinds including; Motor Vehicle

Accidents, Slip and Falls, Premises Liability Cases, Serious Bodily Injury, Dog Bites,

and more. If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury in Butler County, or

the surrounding areas, call us at ARM Lawyers, we can help you.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Cranberry Township Today.

Workers’ Compensation Law

If you’ve suffered a work injury in Butler County, or the surrounding areas,

call our Workers’ Compensation Lawyer at our Cranberry Township office.

We offer free workers’ comp consultations, and would be happy to help you

with your PA workers’ compensation case, FMLA, Loss of Limb, or answering

any questions you might have about your work injury. We have decades of

experience in handling workers’ compensation cases in Pennsylvania and

know the ins and outs of the law. We will fight to get you the compensation

you deserve, give us a call today and book your free workers’ comp consultation.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Cranberry Township Today.

Image: Traffic Violation Lawyer Near Me Cranberry Township PA

Traffic Law

Traffic Violations are just a part of life, it can happen to anyone,

and if you have a traffic violation on your hands like a speeding ticket

or a reckless driving charge please reach out to us at our Cranberry Township

office. Our Traffic violation lawyers in Cranberry Township help the residents of

Butler, and counties all over PA resolve their Traffic cases and protect their rights

when dealing with traffic violations.

Contact a Traffic Violation Attorney in Cranberry Township Today.

Family Law Services at ARM Lawyers Cranberry Township

At ARM Lawyers Cranberry Township our specialty is divorce law and family law. Here’s a list of the family law attorney services offered at our law firm, in case you’re trying to decide if we can help represent you in your family law case.

If your legal case isn’t a family law case, don’t worry! We have a team of skilled attorneys that practice in various areas of law, please see the list below for all of our Law Firm’s practice areas at ARM Lawyers Cranberry Township.

At ARM Lawyers Cranberry township we specialize in Family Law and Divorce Law, but we have a team of lawyers that practice in different areas of law, listed above, so if you have legal issues and need help in any of these areas of law don’t wait, call us now and we’ll get your case figured out.

Schedule your consultation at ARM Lawyers Cranberry Township office

Contact us to schedule your consultation at our ARM Lawyers Cranberry Township Pa office. Your initial consultations includes a one hour long session where you can explain your legal case, ask questions about your case, and our experienced attorneys will help you understand your options, and help you move forward with your case. 

If you need legal representation in Cranberry Township, the Greater Pittsburgh Area, or anywhere else in Butler County Pa, call ARM Lawyers Cranberry Township today!

Attorney Ashley Folio Morgan

Family Law Attorney Ashely Folio Morgan is ARM Lawyers Cranberry Township expert family and divorce lawyer in Cranberry Township, Butler County, and the surrounding areas. Attorney Folio Morgan has been practicing Family law since 2010. She has over a decade of experience as a family lawyer in Cranberry Township & western Pa. When you choose a family law attorney to represent you and your family, you want experience on your side. Not only does Attorney Folio Morgan have the experience you need, she also loves what she does, prides herself in fighting to get you what you deserve, and being empathetic and compassionate in dealing with the difficulties of family law.