Unfiled Tax Returns

If you have unfiled tax returns, the IRS can make your life miserable. Not only does the IRS continue to accrue penalties and interest on the back taxes, but failure to file past due tax returns can prevent you from getting credit. Moreover, the IRS can file a tax return on your behalf and collect on the amount due even if it is more than you would have owed if you filed your past due return!

That’s where we come in. The best way to catch up on your unfiled tax returns is to hire us! Sometimes, our clients’ tax issues can be resolved by simply filing past due tax returns. We routinely assist our clients in achieving compliance with the IRS by filing any number of past due returns. If you have a tax due after we file, we can assist you in resolving this debt through options like an Offer in Compromise or Installment Agreement.

How can I catch up on my unfiled tax returns if I don’t have any documentation?

The first question we normally get from our clients in such a case is “what if I don’t have all of my income documentation?” Maybe you lost your W2 while moving. Maybe you lost it in a fire or flood. The good news is that in most cases, that’s not a problem.

As part of our tax transcript analysis, we can also obtain a wage and income transcript. This transcript shows data from information returns the IRS receives such as Forms W-2, 1099, 1098 and Form 5498, IRA Contribution Information. We would use these transcripts to assist us in preparing your unfiled tax returns

What happens after I file back tax returns?

Depending on how many years of unfiled tax returns you have and how much you owe, we may need to do more than simply file your back tax returns. It is entirely possible that you are entitled to a refund that you have missed out on simply because you haven’t filed all of your returns! The only way for us to find out is by filing the past due tax returns.

However, the IRS generally imposes penalties and interest on tax due from missing returns. If you have a tax debt resulting from these back tax returns, we may also likely request a penalty abatement for our clients.

What can the IRS do to me if I don’t file a tax return?

A lot. If you have unfiled tax returns, at some point the IRS will file a “substitute for return”. This is a tax return prepared by the IRS on your behalf. Unfortunately, if the IRS prepares a substitute for return, it’s never in your favor. The IRS doesn’t take all available deductions or credits. It is often a worst-case scenario for you.

Once the IRS files a substitute for return, the IRS can begin collection efforts on the taxes – even if you still have an unfiled tax return! The IRS can levy a bank account, garnish your wages, or file a federal tax lien.

The IRS will also assess penalties and interest on your account for any unfiled tax returns.

What penalties are there for filing a late tax return?

The IRS has a number of penalties they can assess when you file a tax return late. Simply filing the return late can result in a “failure to file” penalty. If you owe tax on those returns, but did not pay prior to April 15 of the following year, you may also get a “failure to pay” penalty. These penalties are in addition to the interest you’d owe on any unpaid tax.

What if I owe taxes on my back tax returns?

No problem. We help our clients resolve their tax issues every day.

We would review your situation with you to determine the best tax resolution strategy for your case. There are so many tax resolution options available there’s no doubt we’ll have a tax resolution strategy for you. For example, we may look at:

Depending on your situation, you may not have to pay any of the back taxes due on your unfiled tax returns!

How can I start the process of filing my back tax returns?

When you have unfiled tax returns, the tax resolution process can be daunting. To help our clients along the way, we provide a number of free resources to answer your questions and walk you through the process. Attorney Best offers his book, “The Essential Tax Resolution Survival Guide”, for FREE, just by requesting a copy. As part of the ARM Yourself With Knowledge series, this guide aims to help you navigate the tax resolution process and what happens afterward.

Image: Cover of the Essential Tax Resolution Survival Guide by Patrick J. Best, Esq., award-winning tax attorney at ARM Lawyers. We can help you catch up on your unfiled tax returns and resolve your back taxes.

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