Head Injury Attorneys in Pennsylvania

Anytime you get into a vehicle, play a sport or walk down the street, you are putting yourself in danger of a head injury. There are an estimated 1.7 million people who sustain some type of brain injury in the United States each year, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We accept potential for injuries as a risk we can live with in order to participate in our daily activities. But when a head injury occurs because of the carelessness of another, the injury is unacceptable and you deserve compensation for your damages.

Types of Head Injuries and Their Costs

Overall, brain injuries in the United States cost about $60 billion for direct (medical care) and indirect (loss of wages) damages. Each patient’s own costs will vary depending on the type of injury and its severity.

Minor injuries like a mild concussion might cause relatively little damages beyond a trip to the emergency room, while more severe traumatic brain injuries can cause significant and long-lasting injuries. Facial lacerations might also be considered head injuries, and can range greatly in cost – facial scarring may also be a factor in a head injury claim given the emotional effect it can cause.

Your Head Injury Claim Should Account for All of Your Costs

If you’re filing a claim against another party responsible for your head injury, account for short-term costs and losses like initial medical care and lost wages after the accident. But account for long-term costs as well. The following is a list of expenses patients who suffer a severe head injury may face:

Caregiver expenses – Many people may require extra help at home for personal grooming and help with health issues.

Ongoing dental work – People with head injuries many times suffer dental issues. Broken or damaged teeth may need to be pulled or repaired and dentures or implants may be necessary. Dental costs, especially cosmetic dentistry, can be very expensive.

Plastic surgery – If there are visible scars left by the injury, once the victim has healed, he may want to look into plastic surgery. There may also be a need for reconstructive surgery, if facial bones were broken in the accident.

Psychological Therapy – A patient suffering a serious head injury may require psychological therapy to help deal with the accident, any new limitations, and any associated depression or anxiety. There could also be post traumatic stress that patients may need to address. Patients dealing with disfigurement could require psychological therapy as well.

This list is by no means exhaustive, as serious head trauma can have far-reaching ramifications. You need to make sure your personal injury claim covers all your expenses, not just in the short-term. Discuss the full extent of your damages with an attorney familiar with head injury cases.

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