Car Accident Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Over 2.2 million people are injured in motor vehicle accidents every year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to PennDOT statistics, there were more than 70,000 multiple vehicle crashes in Pennsylvania in 2019 alone. A car accident attorney in Pennsylvania can help you get the compensation you deserve.

When victims suffer serious or fatal injuries in car accidents, they or their families may be able to recover damages from the responsible party if negligence was involved.

What do I do if I was in a car accident?

If you were injured in a car accident, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Sometimes, you may not feel like you’re in pain immediately after the car accident. This is actually common. You should still seek medical care just to make sure you don’t have any serious internal injuries. Additionally, if you don’t treat immediately, but go to the hospital days later, it could hurt your claim.

Once your medical care is under control, contact our Pennsylvania car accident attorney to discuss your claim.

What if I’m in a car accident but don’t have health insurance?

In most cases, if you have car insurance, you should have medical coverage available. But even if you don’t, if the driver of the vehicle was at fault, your medical expenses may be covered by the driver’s insurance. Don’t let a lack of health insurance stop you from getting treatment!

Once your medical care is under control, contact our Pennsylvania car accident attorney to discuss whether we can help you get your medical bills covered.

Pursuing Compensation for Car Accident Injuries

Damages after a serious collision are far more than medical bills. When you suffer severe injuries, it can impact your entire world, from your livelihood to your relationship.

If someone else acted carelessly or negligently and it contributed to your accident, you can file a claim or lawsuit against that party and pursue damages including:

  • emergency room and ambulance services;
  • hospital bills and surgeries;
  • treatments and medications;
  • transportation costs;
  • rehabilitation and physical therapy;
  • lost time at work;
  • loss of earning capacity;
  • disability and disfigurement;
  • mental anguish; and
  • pain and suffering.

For help starting the claims process, contact a Pennsylvania car accident attorney and begin compiling paperwork and evidence. Your attorney will need to be able to demonstrate the other party’s negligence, as well as the extent of your damages to the insurance company or the courts.

Full Tort vs. Limited Tort

Whether you can pursue noneconomic damages like pain and suffering and mental anguish depends on your type of insurance coverage and the severity of your injuries.

If you have full tort coverage on your policy, you are not limited in your right to pursue noneconomic damages. If you have limited tort, you may only pursue noneconomic damages in cases of serious injury and certain other circumstances, such as if the at-fault driver is driving a vehicle registered in another state or was driving under the influence.

How to build a car accident case in Pennsylvania

Secure representation from a Pennsylvania car accident attorney to help you compile evidence to present a thorough and convincing case. You’ll need to be able to demonstrate the extent of your injuries, as well as prove the other party’s fault in the crash. Some cases can get complicated because fault might be arguable, or because it might be difficult to obtain sufficient evidence to demonstrate your case.

Your PA car accident attorney can work to build a case by gathering as much evidence as possible, including:

  • witness testimonies;
  • traffic video footage of the accident;
  • expert witness testimonies;
  • your injury journal (ask your attorney about how to create one);
  • medical and mental health reports;
  • income records; and
  • applicable case studies.

Some form of poor driver performance is present in the majority of crashes. Alcohol use and speeding continue to be big contributors to fatal crashes.

Image: Pennsylvania car accident attorney discusses car accidents in Pennsylvania and how driver error is a factor which can help prove negligence of the other driver.

When the other driver is distracted or violating traffic laws, your Pennsylvania car accident attorney can use that to prove negligence.

How to get compensation for car accident injuries

The first thing you’ll want to do is speak to a Pennsylvania car accident attorney who handles car accident cases similar to yours. Then, you’ll want to begin collecting as much evidence and information as you can to share with your attorney.

Keep every bill, every doctor’s report, and every injury-related receipt, down to the gas receipts for traveling to and from your medical appointments. Start an accident file, stash all your paperwork in it, and share it with your attorney to help expedite your claim.

Pennsylvania Counties Served

With three offices in Pennsylvania, we are close to you no matter where you are. Typically, our PA car accident attorney services the following counties:

  • Adams County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Berks County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Bradford County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Bucks County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Carbon County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Chester County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Columbia County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Cumberland County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Dauphin County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Delaware County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Franklin County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Juniata County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Lackawanna County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Lancaster County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Lebanon County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Lehigh County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Luzerne County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Lycoming County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Mifflin County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Monroe County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Montgomery County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Montour County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Northampton County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Northumberland County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Perry County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer
  • Pike County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Schuylkill County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Snyder County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Sullivan County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Susquehanna County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Union County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Wayne County Car Accident Lawyer
  • Wyoming County Car Accident Lawyer
  • York County Car Accident Lawyer

If your county is not listed, call us. While these are the counties we typically serve, our PA car accident attorney has handled cases in other counties upon request.

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