Child Support Attorneys

It is hard to know when to stand up for your rights and when to reach a compromise when you do not know the rules of the game. Finding the right child support payment plan can be a balancing act, but with an experienced lawyer on your side, you can figure out how to navigate the system properly, protecting yourself and your kids.

At ARM Lawyers, our child support attorneys have been helping parents through the child support determination process for years. Helping you understand how the system works in Pennsylvania, we will make sure your plan properly accounts for your unique concerns such as health care and education for special needs children.

Pennsylvania Child Support Payment Attorneys

Pennsylvania provides a formula to determine child support in all cases. Representing both parents who receive support and parents who make support payments, we help our clients understand how the process works and make sure they submit the information needed for the formula to work properly.

Understanding the nuances of the child support formula can make a big difference in the final outcome. There are ways to deviate from the support formula, and we know when to ask for a change in the support plan and when to adhere to its findings. As family law is one of the focuses of our firm, we know how to make sure that support plans accurately reflect the needs of our clients.

Paternity and Modifications

Our firm is also prepared to handle child support concerns involving paternity disputes or modifications. Representing mothers and alleged fathers in paternity disputes, we help get answers and come up with an appropriate child support plan depending on the results. If you or your co-parent has undergone a significant financial change since your original child support plan, we can help you get an appropriate modification.