Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy

One of the most common questions regarding bankruptcy is “what does bankruptcy do to my credit?” At ARM Lawyers, we do more than simply help you eliminate your debt. We will work with you to rebuild your credit score!

Too good to be true? Not even remotely.

Because our clients are so concerned about their credit, we searched high and low for the best credit education program out there. After testing the program, we learned that people who have been through’s credit program (7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score)
transform their credit scores, usually within 24 months of declaring bankruptcy.

With these kinds of results, we decided to make this program available to every single one of our bankruptcy clients FOR FREE. The credit education program usually costs $1,000 for enrollment. However, we enroll every one of our bankruptcy clients into the program FOR FREE.

Image: 720 Credit Score Logo - ARM Lawyers offers 720 Credit Score Free for all bankruptcy clients.

In this program, you will learn how to rebuild your credit the right way. You will also learn:

  • Why most credit scores are wrong;
  • Which credit cards actually hurt your credit score;
  • How to stop lenders that report the wrong information;
  • How to re-establish your credit after a bankruptcy foreclosure, or short sale.

Here’s a little sample of what you’ll get FOR FREE:

Image: Screenshot - ARM Lawyers offers credit lessons for free to their bankruptcy clients to help rebuild their credit score to a 720. Credit Lesson #1 Errors on Your Credit Report. Credit Lesson #2 Reestablishing Credit with Credit Cards. Credit Lesson #3 Reestablishing Credit with Installment Line. Credit Lesson #4 Quick Credit Strategies. Credit Less #5 Credit Reports and Scores.

Rebuild your credit after Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Amazingly, your credit begins to rebuild immediately after filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition. Credit reporting agencies begin purging negative data almost immediately. Once the credit bureaus remove these items, your score will begin to increase immediately and automatically.

In most cases, if you have a steady income, you are able to get a car loan the day you file the petition. You read that right. We have developed relationships with car lenders that actually enable most of our clients to receive a car loan on the day they file the bankruptcy petition. This can be critical for people who need a new vehicle but are concerned that the bankruptcy filing will affect their ability to get a car loan. Does bankruptcy affect your ability to get a car loan? For most of our clients, it’s not a problem.

After you receive a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge, we will automatically enroll you in the 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score Program and you will officially be on your way to rebuilding credit score!

Rebuild your credit after Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Even though a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can last up to 5 years, you actually can begin rebuilding your credit immediately after you Chapter 13 Plan is confirmed by the Bankruptcy Court. Contrary to popular belief, you can actually obtain new credit while in an active Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We’ve actually had clients get a mortgage during a Chapter 13!

After the Bankruptcy Court confirms your Chapter 13 Plan, we will automatically enroll you in the 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score Program. Even though you may still be in an active Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will be on your way to rebuilding credit score!

Does the program work? Can you get loans after bankruptcy?

Just ask these satisfied clients…

Can I get a car loan after I file bankruptcy?

Yes! In fact, here are some statements by clients who were able to get a car loan shortly after filing bankruptcy:

“I filed bankruptcy and was paying $594 per month on a used car…it was horrible. I followed these techniques and six months later I bought a new car with a $277 a month payment at 4.5% interest. I was BLOWN AWAY!” – Sheri

“I have benefited by following this advice. Seven months after my bankruptcy I purchased a Ford F150 with a 9.99% interest rate and the dealer said I could trade it in for a 3% loan in one year. Thank you!” – Gary

Can I get a mortgage after I file bankruptcy?

Yes! We represented a client who filed bankruptcy and two-years and two-days later, bought a brand new home for his family with a 3.25% interest rate. Yes, the bankruptcy was still on his credit report.

Two years and two days after filing bankruptcy, I ended up closing on a brand new home with 5% down and a 3.25% interest rate. We never thought that we’d be able to buy a home this quickly, thank you for teaching us how to rebuild our lives after bankruptcy. – Travis

Getting started with our office

The 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score Program is free for our bankruptcy clients. This is one of the biggest advantages to using our office to file your bankruptcy. We not only eliminate your debt, but help you rebuild your credit – all while offering award winning customer service. Interested in learning more? Simply contact us and we can provide you with more information or with a free bankruptcy consultation.

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