Drug Offense Lawyers

There are a lot of drug charges out there, and they carry a wide range of consequences, some worse than others, but all of them bad in they eyes of the law.

Our Stroudsburg, Bethlehem, Pittston and Palmerton drug offense lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused in the state and federal courts of Pennsylvania.

Before you say anything to the police that could hurt your chances of lowering the charges against you, make sure you talk to a criminal defense attorney with experience in drug offense cases in the county in which you’re located who understands your legal options.

Northeastern PA Drug Possession Lawyers

If you are convicted of a drug crime, you face a wide range of potential consequences, from driver’s license suspension to a long prison sentence.

Our firm has top-notch drug offense lawyers practicing in most counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania. 

Monroe County

We’ve been defending clients facing drug related charges in Monroe county for decades, our criminal defense lawyers in Stroudsburg have all the experience and knowledge that you need on your side to build a solid defense for your drug charges.

We know the local court systems of Monroe County and we know how to defend our Monroe County clients against drug offenses.

If you need defense against drug charges in Monroe county, give our drug offense lawyers at our Stroudsburg office a call and schedule a FREE consultation.

Carbon County

ARM Lawyers is well known throughout Carbon County, along with being well known we’re also well regarded and trusted as drug offense lawyers that will putt all of our effort into building your defense, and representing you in court against your drug offense charges.

We’re extremely familiar with the courts of Carbon County, as we practice in them daily.

If you need a criminal defense lawyer in Palmerton to defend you from drug offense charges, give us a call or visit our Carbon County office in Palmerton today, we can help you out.

Luzerne County, Lackawanna County, and Wyoming County

Our criminal defense lawyers in Pittston know how to defend against drug charges, we work as drug offense lawyers often, and do our best to defend our clients.

We know the local court systems in Luzerne, Lackawanna, and Wyoming County, and we’re ready to build your defense and fight for you in court.

If you’re facing drug charges in any of these counties then you need a good team of drug offense lawyers behind you, reach out to our Pittston office today and let’s start building your defense.

Located in another county in Northeastern PA?

If you’re located in a county in Northeastern PA other than the one mentioned above, don’t worry, we practice in most counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

To find out if we practice in your county, give us a call or fill out our contact form on our website to speak with a legal professional and book your free consultation.

Give ARM Lawyers a call and schedule your FREE criminal defense consultation, let’s start building your defense.

Lehigh Valley Drug Possession Lawyers

If you’ve been charged with a drug offense in the Lehigh Valley, get in touch with us, we have an office in Bethlehem with expert criminal defense lawyers ready to take your case and defend you in any Pennsylvania court.

Northampton County

Residents of Northampton county that are facing drug charges and need a strong defense trust ARMs criminal defense lawyers in Bethlehem to defend them against drug offenses, no matter the substance and no matter the charge.

We know the ins and outs of defending those charged with drug offenses in the courts of Northampton county, so call us today and start building your defense.

Lehigh County

Our law firm in Bethlehem practices in Lehigh County on a daily basis, if you’re a resident of Lehigh County, or your drug offenses are in Lehigh County, Please contact us.

You need drug offense lawyers that know how to build a strong defense in Lehigh County, and know the local court systems in Lehigh County.

ARM Drug Offense Lawyers

ARM drug offense lawyers are prepared to handle a wide range of drug charges, including possession, intent to distribute, manufacturing and trafficking.

We practice in lots of counties across Pennsylvania, and we’re ready to give you a FREE consultation for your drug offense case.

In all cases, we will work to lower the charges you face and minimize the potential damages as we fight for an acquittal. We handle drug crimes involving all types of narcotics, including:

Building the best possible defense against charges of drug crimes depends on a number of factors specific to each case.

Starting at the beginning, we will look into your initial contact with police to determine whether they had probable cause to search you in the first place.

We will also look into whether they violated any search and seizure laws. If they did, the charges against you could be thrown out.

Contact Us For a Free Consultation

Understanding the charges you face and your options for minimizing the consequences can go a long way in fighting your drug charges. Contact our Stroudsburg, Bethlehem, Pittston, or Palmerton law office today to schedule a consultation and learn more about what our defense attorneys can do for you.

We’re prepared to take your case, and defend you in any court in Pennsylvania, on top of our legal expertise and willingness to help defend you against any drug charge, we also offer FREE criminal defense consultations.

So, there’s no reason to wait on booking a consultation, they’re FREE, and we want to help you.