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If you’re looking to lower your mortgage payment, you need a Pennsylvania mortgage modification attorney. Mortgage companies are notoriously bad at processing mortgage modification paperwork when you do not have an attorney. Our PA mortgage modification attorney has helped countless people stay in their homes by lowering their mortgage payments.

What is a mortgage modification?

A mortgage modification is exactly what it sounds like. You’re asking your current mortgage company to modify your mortgage. A loan modification changes your loan’s original terms by extending your repayment term, lowering your mortgage interest rate or switching you from an adjustable-rate to a fixed-rate mortgage. The goal is to reduce your monthly payment to a more affordable amount. You must remember, but mortgage company does not HAVE to offer you a modification. You signed the original mortgage and they can choose to hold you to those terms. But we have found that most mortgage companies would rather have you pay a lower amount than have to go through the hassle of selling your house at a sheriff sale or auction.

How can a Pennsylvania mortgage modification attorney help?

You may have heard from your neighbor that they were able to negotiate a modification all on their own. And they may have! The issue we have been encountering is that SO many homeowners are behind on their mortgages, lenders just aren’t offering as many mortgage modifications. When the DO offer a modification, they will often make the process miserably difficult. The main issue with the mortgage modification process is that the lenders seem to “lose” paperwork frequently. For example, you may send them paystubs and the next day they’ll tell you they never got them. By the time you get them new paystubs, they’ll tell you that your bank statements are out of date so you’ll have to get new ones. Then, your paystubs are out of date again.

We’ve found that many times, the mortgage modification process is just a game to the lenders.

It’s not a game to us. It’s our client’s house!

In order to take control of the process, our office will become the point of contact between you and your mortgage company. We keep meticulous records, noting every single conversation and document submission so they can never say they ‘didn’t get something’ that had been requested.

When it comes down to it, right or wrong, a bank and mortgage company will treat an attorney’s office differently than they would if you called and tried to negotiate yourself.

Can I get a mortgage modification if foreclosure started?

Yes! In fact, many counties in Pennsylvania offer a “mortgage conciliation program” or “foreclosure diversion program” which allows you to stop the foreclosure and participate in a court-supervised mortgage modification application. That’s where we come in. A Pennsylvania mortgage modification attorney can file the necessary paperwork with the court to stop the foreclosure process and can attend the necessary court appearances to participate in the mortgage conciliation process.

Without a lawyer, you may have to take off work several times throughout the process just to attend court dates. Not only that, you would have to directly confront the mortgage company’s attorney.

We have experience dealing with these attorneys so we can make the process as smooth as possible for you.

Can I get a mortgage modification during a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Yes! In fact, certain bankruptcy courts offer court-supervised mortgage modifications. This allows us to use an online portal to submit documents. The main benefit to this is that we can prove the mortgage company got the paperwork. It makes it a lot harder for them to deny receipt when I have confirmation from the online portal.

Even if you’re in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we can still help you with a mortgage modification. We also discussed this topic on Bankruptcy Basics:

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Pennsylvania Counties Served

Our PA mortgage modification attorneys have three offices throughout Pennsylvania so we’re close to you no matter where you are! We are happy to serve the following counties in mortgage foreclosure matters:

If your county is not listed, call us. While these are the counties we typically serve, we’ve handled cases as far away as Pittsburgh upon request.

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