Starting the Student Loan Discharge Process

If you are one of the millions of people burdened by huge amounts of student debt that is not sure where to turn for help, you’ve come to the right place. Student debt is an especially tough debt to deal with, making an experienced student loan attorney very important. When you’re looking to start the student loan discharge process, we try to make everything as easy as possible.

To start, we offer a FREE student loan discharge analysis. Just answer some questions about your loans and our student loan attorney can analyze whether your loans may be dischargeable!

We also offer a FREE book, “The Essential Student Loan Survival Guide”, to help you navigate through the complexities of student loans and better understand your options. This is a great starting point for individuals struggling with student debt because many of the myths and misconceptions surrounding student loan dischargeability are addressed in this guide.
Image: The Essential Student Loan Survival Guide Book 3d Book Cover. This book explains the student loan discharge process and how to get started with the student loan discharge process.
This book also reviews in more detail the student loan discharge process and different arguments that we use to show that your student loans are dischargeable.

What to expect in the student loan discharge process

Whether you are looking to lower your monthly payments, apply for loan forgiveness or discharge your student debt through one of the many discharge options, the easiest and best place to start is to call or e-mail us to speak with our top student loan lawyers. Once we are able to examine your student loans, we will be able to advise you on your options and we can begin the process of lowering or discharging your student debt. We have even put together a step-by-step road map of what you can expect throughout the process.

Image: Getting started with the student loan discharge process

  1. We offer consultations for individuals looking to discharge their student loans in bankruptcy. To schedule the consultation, call or e-mail us. We will start by meeting or speaking with you and thoroughly examining and discussing your student loan situation. It is important for us to obtain an understanding of your situation so that we can start to process of developing the appropriate strategy for achieving your goals for your student debt. It is important to have the relevant information pertaining to your student loans available during this time or to provide it to us beforehand.
  2. Next, based on your situation, we will present you with the strategy or strategies that best fit your situation and student debt. Once we know how we will be proceeding with your student debt and your situation makes sense for our services, we will be able to quote you our fee for that specific strategy.
  3. When the engagement letter is signed and we are retained as your attorneys, we will send you a checklist of all of the information and documents that we will need to carry out the student loan discharge process. Any plan for discharging will require certain information and documents that you will have to provide us with to proceed further with your case.
  4. Once we are provided with the necessary information and documents, we will proceed with the filing of the appropriate applications, complaint, or other filings based on the chosen type of discharge option. There are several different approaches to discharging or lowering your student debt and every such approach differs in terms of the necessary filings.
  5. Finally, we will be with you throughout the entirety of the process, no matter how long that is. This could be simply receiving an acceptance letter confirming that your debt is discharged or going through a trial in an adversary proceeding. Your can rest assured that we will be right there helping you along the way.