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You do not have to find family law solutions on your own. The top PA family law attorneys at ARM Lawyers can help you explore your options, protect your rights and do what is best for both you and the people you love. Our PA family law attorneys have extensive family law experience throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We stand ready to put that experience to work for you.

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Top PA Family Law Attorneys

From day one, and for for approximately 30 years, Attorney Nick Masington has devoted the bulk of his practice to family law including Divorce, Custody, and Support. Over the years has served thousands of clients in that capacity. He takes a “no nonsense”, hard working approach to his cases and his focus is aimed at obtaining the best result possible in the shortest time possible and at the least expense possible for his clients.

On the other hand, Attorney Brandie Belanger complements Attorney Masington’s approach. Brandie joined ARM Lawyers in 2020 and focuses primarily on family law matters including divorcecustodysupport, and protection from abuse matters. Brandie has successfully tried custody trials, including relocation hearings, while handling a number of other matters in Monroe and the surrounding counties.

As a former court appointed Domestic Relations Advocate in Monroe County, Attorney Belanger is well-versed in the law for collecting and enforcing child support and spousal support. She frequently appears before the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas as a Guardian Ad Litem for children in dependency proceedings on a regular basis, helping to make sure the county’s children are protected from abuse and neglect, while also ensuring the children are not removed from their homes unnecessarily.

On the other side of the state, Attorney Ashley Morgan brings a unique perspective to the firm, having represented family law clients throughout western Pennsylvania. Ms. Folio Morgan is passionate about family law and has always tailored her practice towards the field. From the outset, she is honest with her clients about expectations and the court process involved.

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PA Family Law and Only PA Family Law

While many lawyers handle family law cases, very few are committed primarily to the practice of family law. Because our PA family law attorneys only handle PA family law cases, we have the experience you need to get you great results at a reasonable cost.

These cases do not always have to be complex and costly. We know how family law works in Pennsylvania, which means we know how to resolve cases quickly, saving time while ensuring that our clients’ rights are protected and their interests served.

We can help you address your unique concerns in the following practice areas.

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Divorce in Pennsylvania

Divorce is not only emotionally difficult but can often wreak havoc on an individual’s financial and physical well-being. In many divorce cases, there may be only one or very few opportunities to present your case to the court and it is imperative you have the right team on your side to make those moments count. Guiding you through the property settlement process and/or alimony negotiations, we will keep you focused on what matters most and make sure your financial future is protected.

At ARM Lawyers, our Pennsylvania divorce attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients during their most difficult times. Helping you understand your rights and options as you go through your divorce, we will make sure you have the confidence to stand up for yourself and protect your future.

Child Custody in Pennsylvania

Protecting married and unmarried parents, we will help you do what is best for your children when it comes to child custody. We also handle custody relocation cases.

Whether you are seeking primary custody or a reasonable partial custody schedule, you want an attorney who can help you set realistic expectations and provide you with confident counsel, so you can stand your ground and reach the best resolution for you and your children.

At ARM Lawyers, our PA child custody lawyers are dedicated to helping Pennsylvania parents do what is best for their children. We understand the challenges you face, and will fight for you in and out of the courtroom. We work to defend mother’s rights and father’s rights so you can find a child custody plan that works.

Spousal Support in Pennsylvania

If you are separated from your spouse and your spouse makes more money than you, you may feel like you’re at a disadvantage. That’s where spousal support comes in. We can help ensure that what you pay or receive is fitting to the circumstances of your marriage.

On the other hand, if your spouse is unfairly requesting spousal support from you, we can raise all possible spousal support defenses to make sure that you aren’t paying more than you are supposed to. Sometimes, we can stop your spouse from receiving any support at all!

Child Support in Pennsylvania

Helping you understand the Pennsylvania child support guidelines, we will make sure your children have the resources they need to succeed.

It is hard to know when to stand up for your rights and when to reach a compromise when you do not know the rules of the game. Finding the right child support payment plan can be a balancing act, but with an experienced lawyer on your side, you can figure out how to navigate the system properly, protecting yourself and the kids.

At ARM Lawyers, our child support attorneys have been helping parents through the child support determination process for years. Helping you understand how the system works in Pennsylvania, we will make sure your plan properly accounts for your unique concerns such as health care and education for special needs children.

Adoption in Pennsylvania

We are prepared to assist clients with stepparent adoption, grandparent adoption and other private adoptions. We can help you understand all available options and your rights and responsibilities as an adoptive parent.

Expanding your family through adoption is an exciting and rewarding milestone. There are many important considerations as you seek to legally adopt a child into your home. The process can be challenging and overwhelming at times, but resources are available to help you navigate the Pennsylvania legal system.

This is true whether you are engaged in a private adoption or are seeking to legally adopt a stepchild or grandchild. We respect the uncertainty that can surround such a significant decision. We have provided information below to help you better understand state adoption laws and practices.

Prenuptial Agreements in Pennsylvania

You may not know what to expect from your marriage, but a premarital agreement can protect your rights and make sure you and your future spouse are on the same page.

A prenuptial agreement, also referred to as pre-nup, is an agreement between prospective spouses concerning their intentions during marriage for property, debt, income, and virtually any other topic concerning a marriage. The divorce attorneys at ARM Lawyers help clients clearly identify the goals they wish to achieve in their prenuptial agreement.

Protection from Abuse in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania defines domestic abuse as certain crimes against household members, family members, former partners, parents, children, siblings, etc. We can help you get a restraining order or get a protection from abuse order. We also protect the rights of people who have wrongly had an order placed against them.

To file for a protection from abuse order (PFA) there must a relationship between the parties. They can be family members residing in the same home and/or those involved in a romantic relationship either now or previously. Abuse at the hands of anyone else may constitute a crime under another section of the law but it will not give rise to a protection from abuse order.

Our domestic abuse attorneys can help you get the protection you need or can defend you from a false accusation of abuse.

If your child is in danger, please contact Child Welfare Services immediately, then call us.

Pennsylvania Counties Served

With five offices in Pennsylvania, we are close to you no matter where you are. Typically, our PA family law attorneys service the following counties:

  • Monroe County Family Law Attorney
  • Carbon County Family Law Attorney
  • Pike County Family Law Attorney
  • Northampton County Family Law Attorney
  • Lehigh County Family Law Attorney
  • Butler County Family Law Attorney
  • Allegheny County Family Law Attorney
  • Beaver County Family Law Attorney
  • Mercer County Family Law Attorney

If your county is not listed, call us. While these are the counties we typically serve, we’ve handled cases in other counties upon request.

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Whatever family law concerns you may have, our firm will make sure we address your concerns and protect your rights. Our PA family law attorneys are familiar with the challenges you face.

With five offices in Pennsylvania, we’re close to you no matter where you are. Call to schedule a consultation or reach out to your closest office: