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How can a Stroudsburg Workers' Compensation Lawyer help?

Attorney Goldberg is a skilled Stroudsburg workers’ compensation lawyer and will help you fight for the compensation that you deserve.

Workers’ compensation lawyers represent work injury victims that are seeking compensation for an injury that happened at work, or in the course of benefitting their employer.

If you’ve suffered a work injury and believe you’re entitled to workers’ comp, call us today!

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At your free consultation, our Stroudsburg workers’ compensation lawyer will hear your case, examine the evidence, and explain the legal options that are available to you in respect to your case.

If you’re happy with your free consultation and you choose to work with us, we will thoroughly investigate your claim, collect all necessary evidence, and obtain all available and obtain all of the available facts and evidence to prove that you suffered a work injury. 

Where do I start with a stroudsburg Workers' compensation lawyer?

Getting the process started with a Stroudsburg workers’ compensation lawyer is simple at ARM Lawyers, just give us a call or fill out our contact form and schedule your FREE consultation. 

If you’re not ready to contact us right now, and you’re just looking for general information about Stroudsburg workers’ compensation lawyers, we have a great FREE resource for you! 

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This book answers the most frequently asked questions attorney Goldberg has seen from his Workers’ Compensation clients during his decades of practice as a Stroudsburg workers’ compensation lawyer.

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What forms are required for a Stroudsburg Workers' Compensation case?

There are various possible forms and/or petitions that can be filed by you, your employer, and/or its insurance company depending on the specific situation your case falls under.

A Stroudsburg workers’ compensation lawyer can help you navigate these complicated petitions and help you file the necessary forms to start your workers’ comp case in Stroudsburg.

The aforementioned forms are:

  • Petition to Review Medical Treatment or Billing: This form is used when medical bills are not being paid.
  • Petition to Modify Compensation Benefits: This form is used by your employer to change how much you are receiving in wage loss benefits.
  • Petition to Review Compensation Benefits: This petition is used when your work injury has not been properly described on the Notice of Compensation Payable or Notice of Temporary Compensation Payable. A Review Petition is also appropriate where your Average Weekly wage or compensation rate have been improperly calculated.
  • Petition to Reinstate Compensation Benefits: This form is used when you have returned to work, but need to miss work again due to the same work injury. It is basically a request to re-instate or restart your wage loss benefits. 
  • Petition for Penalties: This petition is used when it is alleged that your employer and/or its insurance company have done something wrong or illegal in the handling of your claim. A judge can award you a penalty up to 50% of any unpaid amount due.

These form can be complicated, you should not be filing these forms alone. The workers’ compensation process is complicated enough, even more-so when you’re trying to go through it alone.

Call us today, schedule your free consultation, and get help from an experienced Stroudsburg workers’ compensation lawyer. 

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Workers' Compensation FAQ's

Q: What does a Stroudsburg workers’ compensation lawyer do?

A: A Stroudsburg workers’ compensation lawyer helps you to file a workers’ comp claim and/or appeal the denial of your claim. It is our job to help ensure that an injured employee in Stroudsburg receives all the benefits they are entitled to and receives those benefits for as long as they need. We do this by helping you develop medical evidence to prove your claim, negotiating a settlement for you, and representing you at your workers’ comp hearing.

Q: What qualifies as a work injury?

A: A work injury is an injury that must have been suffered while performing duties for your employer. To break that down even further, if you are doing something that helps or furthers your employer’s business and get hurt doing so, it will be considered a work injury. There are many different types of work injuries, some are very common, others not so much. To get a better understanding of the nuances of work injuries, read our blog post on the topic, here.

Q: How long do I have to report my work injury in Stroudsburg?

A: In Pennsylvania, which includes Stroudsburg, you have 120 days to report to your employer that you have been injured at work in order to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. There are other time related rules you must know and follow as well, including the 90 day rule, which you can read about in our blog post, here. 

About Stroudsburg

What is Stroudsburg known for?

Stroudsburg is the county seat of Monroe County, best known for its charming and historical downtown, proximity to outdoor adventure in the Poconos, and an array of unique shops and restaurants. It’s a stones throw from New York City, and still has the small town charm of the Poconos. Stroudsburg is a great town, and we’re proud to handle workers’ compensation cases there.

Stroudsburg is not very far from NYC, it’s about an hour and a half drive down I-80 to go from Manhattan to downtown Stroudsburg. The trip totals about 75 miles, which makes Stroudsburg one of the closest “bigger” towns in PA in proximity to New York City. For driving direction from NYC to Stroudsburg, click here.

Attorney Goldberg has been a Stroudsburg workers’ compensation lawyer for nearly 25 years. He knows the ins and outs of workers’ compensation law in Monroe County, and beyond. If you’re dealing with a workers’ compensation case in Stroudsburg, you want to hire an experienced workers’ comp attorney who knows the local court systems and knows Pennsylvania workers’ compensation. Attorney Goldberg checks all those boxes, and more, to get a free consultation, click here.