ARM Lawyers: A great Place to Work

Great Place to Work Certified for 2024

We’re very proud to hold the official Great Place To Work Certification for 2024.

At ARM Lawyers, we take our workplace culture very seriously.

It’s our goal to provide a great work environment for our employees, along with great legal services to our clients.

Our employees have designated ARM Lawyers as a great place to work in 2024.

At the end of the day our law firm is a family business, and our employees are part of the ARM family.

This is the second year in a row that we’ve achieved Great Place To Work Certified status, and we want to say thank you to our amazing employees!

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Image: Great Place To Work certified ARM Lawyers

What is the Great Place To Work Certification?

The Great Place To Work Certification recognized employers who create an outstanding employee experience.

Certification is a two-step process that includes surveying your employees and completing a short questionnaire about your workforce.

Because employee feedback and independent analysis determine the scores, Certification helps job seekers identify which companies genuinely offer a great company culture.

Certification give employers a recruiting advantage by providing a globally recognized and research-backed verification of great employee expereiences. 

Image: Great Place to Work Certification badge 2024

Company Culture at ARM Lawyers

We try our best to create an safe, fun, and productive workplace culture at ARM Lawyers. It’s really important to us that our employees have a great environment to work in, and we’re happy to be recognized for our work in creating a great place to work!

The employee experience below at ARM Lawyers, compared to a typical company.

94 % of employees at ARM Lawyers say it’s a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical US-based company.

100% of our employees feel welcome!

100% of our employees said you are made to feel welcome when you join the ARM Lawyers team!

This is a pretty incredible stat, and we’re very proud of the hard work our Human Resources departemnt puts into creating an awesome and welcoming work environment where 100% of employees feel welcome.

What else did we score 100% on?


Management trusts people to do a good job without watching over their shoulder.


People here are given a lot of responsibility.


I believe management would lay people off only as a last resort.


Management shows appreciation for good work and extra effort.


I am able to take time off from work when I think it’s necessary.

How did we score in other areas?

While we try our best to provide the best possible work environment and workplace culture for our employees, we didn’t score 100% across the board, so there’s still work to do!

Here’s how we scored in the other areas that are graded in the Great Place To Work Trust Index survey.  

Even though we didn’t score a perfect 100% across the board, we’re extremely proud of the work that has been done in our organization to create a workplace and culture that can confidently be labelled a Great Place To Work!

What do our employees say about us?

See what our employees say about what makes ARM Lawyers a great place to work.

These words are drawn from our employees comments on the Trust Index survey taken by Great Place To Work. 

These words show what our employees think and feel when they think about working at ARM Lawyers.

The big “family” in the middle is the perfect centerpiece for the collage. We want all of our employees to feel like family, and feel as comfortable and safe in the workplace as they do at home.

We’re looking forward to making even more improvements over the next year to qualify for the Great Place To Work Certification in 2025, maybe we’ll score a perfect 100% next year!

Good times at ARM Lawyers

Our Human resources department does a great job when it comes to planning and organizing our quarterly outings and holiday parties!