Felony Attorneys in Stroudsburg

If you have been charged with a felony in Pennsylvania, the stakes could not be higher. Do not say anything to the police, as everything you say could be held against you and one small mistake could have devastating consequences. Make sure you have an experienced attorney on your side, someone to defend your rights and guide you toward the best possible outcome.

At ARM Lawyers (ARM), our Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused in Pennsylvania state and federal courts. With more than 75 years of combined experience, we have the strength, confidence and charisma not to get pushed around. We know when to stand up for your rights and when to negotiate a fair resolution.

Felony Defense

Every felony criminal defense case starts with a thorough investigation into the charges. Listening to you, we will gather evidence on our own and make sure we have a full understanding of the evidence against you. One of our first steps will be to see if any evidence can be used to have the charges against you thrown out completely or reduced to a misdemeanor, minimizing the potential damages.

Not only are our attorneys certified to defend the accused in death penalty cases, they each handled some of the most difficult felony charges in Pennsylvania courts. Each of the attorneys at our firm is prepared to handle a wide range of felonies, including:

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Our firm does not take any nonsense, and we do not let our clients get pushed around. If you have been charged with a felony offense, we will do everything in our power to protect your rights. Contact our Stroudsburg, Bethlehem, Palmerton, or Pittston law office today to schedule a consultation and learn more.