Luzerne County Bankruptcy Attorney

When you’re struggling with debt in Luzerne County, you need the best Luzerne County bankruptcy attorney you can find. A lot of lawyers can say they’re the best, but we have the awards to back it up. Attorney Patrick J. Best was named a “Top 10 Best Bankruptcy Lawyer in Pennsylvania for Customer Service” by the American Institute of Bankruptcy Attorneys. Need we say more?

Bankruptcy in Luzerne County

Depending on what part of Luzerne County you live in, you are close to either our Stroudsburg Law Office and our Palmerton Law Office. But before you even come into our office, we have free bankruptcy resources to help you get the bankruptcy process started.

First, Attorney Best hosts the ARM Lawyers YouTube show “Bankruptcy Basics” in which he answers common questions from clients. This is a great starting point for many people. We address many of the bankruptcy myths and misconceptions in these videos.

Second, Attorney Best offers his book, “The Essential Bankruptcy Survival Guide“, for FREE, just by requesting a copy. As part of the ARM Yourself With Knowledge series, this guide aims to help you navigate the process of filing for bankruptcy and what happens afterward.

Image: The Essential Bankruptcy Survival Guide by Patrick J. Best, Esq., Luzerne County bankruptcy lawyer

If you would like to discuss your personal situation or if we didn’t answer your specific questions in our show, just give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss your case. Our consultations are completely free so you have nothing to lose. If you’d prefer to e-mail us, just click here for a free bankruptcy consultation.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Luzerne County

Also known as debt liquidation, Chapter 7 bankruptcy will allow you to get rid of all of your dischargeable debt within a matter of months. This includes credit card debt and medical bills. As one of the top bankruptcy attorneys in Luzerne County, we will help you determine whether you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Luzerne County. You need a Luzerne County bankruptcy lawyer who knows how to navigate the process.

Shortly after filing your Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the Bankruptcy Court will schedule your 341 meeting of creditors. Depending on what part of Luzerne County you’re in, your 341 meeting will likely be scheduled in one of two places:

  • Max Rosenn U.S. Courthouse, 197 South Main Steet, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701
  • Hazleton City Hall, 40 N Church Street, Hazleton, PA 18201

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Luzerne County

Also known as reorganization, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the most expansive of the chapters. Both businesses and consumers can file a Chapter 11, but Chapter 11 is the only option for a business that needs bankruptcy relief and wishes to continue operations. In a Luzerne County Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the United States Trustee’s Office monitors your case to ensure compliance with the rules. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is complex. You need a Luzerne County Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney who knows the procedures of the Middle District of Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Court.

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy in Luzerne County

Chapter 12 bankruptcy is for family farmers and fisherman. It is similar to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy but allows for greater flexibility in payment terms. There are some unique advantages to Chapter 12 for those who qualify. Because Chapter 12 bankruptcy has extra eligibility requirements, it is not as common as the other chapters. There is only one Chapter 12 trustee in Luzerne County. You need a Luzerne County Chapter 12 bankruptcy attorney who knows the procedures of the Luzerne County Chapter 12 trustee and the Middle District of Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Court.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Luzerne County

By working with your creditors to create a payment plan you can actually afford, Chapter 13 bankruptcy will allow you to retain your most important assets, including your home. At the end of your three- to five-year payment plan, your remaining debt will be discharged. There is only one Chapter 13 trustee in Luzerne County. As a result, a Luzerne County Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney sees the same trustee over and over. We know his procedures inside and out as well as the procedures of the Middle District of Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Court. You need a Luzerne County Chapter 13 lawyer who knows these procedures.

About 4-6 weeks after you file your Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Luzerne County, the Bankruptcy Court will schedule your 341 meeting of creditors. For Luzerne County cases, the 341 meeting is normally held at the Genetti Best Western Hotel, 77 E Market St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701.

Luzerne County Locations Served

Our office handles bankruptcy cases all across Luzerne County, but we specifically serve the following areas:

  • Hazleton
  • Berwick
  • Mountain Top
  • Kingston
  • Shavertown
  • Nanticoke
  • Drums
  • Hunlock Creek
  • Swoyersville
  • Edwardsville
  • West Pittston
  • Duryea
  • Larksville
  • West Hazleton
  • Forty Fort
  • Freeland
  • Wapwallopen
  • White Haven
  • Wyoming
  • Luzerne
  • Ashley
  • Dupont
  • Harveys Lake
  • Weatherly
  • Avoca
  • Sweet Valley
  • Benton
  • Nescopeck
  • Glen Lyon
  • Sugarloaf
  • Laflin
  • Stillwater
  • Nuremberg
  • Pringle
  • Sugar Notch
  • Courtdale
  • Beaver Meadows
  • Warrior Run
  • Conyngham
  • Shickshinny
  • Laurel Run
  • Noxen Township
  • Huntington Mills
  • Dallas
  • Bear Creek
  • Exeter
  • Plymouth
  • Pittston

Even if your town is not listed, call us. We handle bankruptcy cases in Luzerne County whether or not they are listed here.

What about my credit score?

If you are looking to file bankruptcy in PA, you need the right lawyer. You want a lawyer who will not only file your bankruptcy, but go the extra mile to rebuild your credit score. That’s why we do more than simply help you eliminate your debt. We work with you to rebuild your credit score after bankruptcy! Our clients receive free access to “7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score”. If credit score is a concern, you should strongly consider bankruptcy over other options. Bankruptcy wins almost every time when you consider bankruptcy vs. debt settlement. Many of our clients see their credit score go up after bankruptcy! That’s because we know how bankruptcy affects your credit score.

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