What is a Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

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By Joshua B. Goldberg

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What is a PA Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

This is a very common question from our workers’ comp clients in PA, and it’s one we see all the time at ARM Lawyers, so what is a settlement in a workers’ compensation case in Pennsylvania?

A workers’ compensation settlement is a resolution of the injured workers’ wage loss and typically medical benefits in exchange for a guaranteed lump sum.

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Settling a Workers’ Compensation Case in PA

In Pennsylvania workers’ compensation cases can be settled. Typically, settlement takes the form of a buyout of the remaining value of the case in terms of wage loss benefits and/or medical benefits. All settlements are accomplished through a specific form, called a Compromise and Release Agreement.

It is important to note that every Workers’ Compensation settlement is different. Just because one case settles for a certain amount of money does not mean that your case will settle for the same amount. In other words, no two injuries are exactly alike.

Settlements depend upon your average wages earned each week and the compensation rate. As such, two people with the exact same knee injury may get different amounts for their claims. It also will depend upon how quickly you heal and what your future holds in terms of potential wage loss and medical treatment going forward.

Do I Have to Sign Anything if I Settle My Case?

Once you have entered into an agreement to settle your case, paperwork will have to be prepared. That paperwork is called a Compromise and Release Agreement. This is a four-page form generated by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. It contains various terms and conditions that must be addressed in order for a Workers’ Compensation case to be settled.

Do I Have to Go to a Hearing/Another Hearing if I Settle My Case?

If the parties reach an agreement to settle the case either inside the confines of a mediation or outside of a mediation, the next step will be to request a Hearing from the presiding Judge or in the event that there is no litigation, file a Petition asking that a Judge be assigned to hear the settlement.

Usually, the assigned Judge will try to schedule a Hearing as soon as possible to resolve the matter. The Hearing at issue is called a Compromise and Release Hearing. The purpose of the Hearing is for the Judge to make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of your settlement; i.e., what you are getting and what you are giving up in terms of the resolution of your case.

If the Judge is satisfied at the completion of the hearing that you understand the terms and conditions of your settlement, the settlement will be approved. After the Hearing, the Judge will render a written decision, which formally approves the settlement.

What is Mediation in a Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

As part of the Workers’ Compensation system, there is the opportunity to attend a Mediation. Mediation takes two forms in this instance. One option is a Mandatory Mediation, and the other is a Voluntary Mediation.

What is a Workers’ Compensation Settlement Conclusion

In this article we’ve covered:

  • What a workers’ compensation settlement is
  • Settling a workers’ compensation case in PA
  • What happens after a settlement
  • Mediation in a workers’ comp settlement

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