Pennsylvania Divorce: Addressing Men’s Primary Concerns

While we would like to think that America has moved past gender bias in divorce court, in some divorces that’s not the case. Female favoritism, particularly if children are involved, is an issue men still fear during a divorce.

The good news is that with an attorney who has a passion for fairness and for fighting for the best interests of the client, regardless of gender, a fair resolution is possible.

Child Custody: Fathers are Equally Important

One of the primary concerns fathers have when divorce is imminent is their time with their children. Whether it’s securing adequate visitation rights or obtaining primary custody, father’s want – and rightfully so – to ensure they are able to maintain a good relationship with their children post-divorce.

Courts aim to make custody decisions based on what’s in the best interests of the child. If the mother has had more time at home with the children, is more familiar with their needs, etc., and is asking for primary custody, these factors can be very convincing for her argument.

However, fathers can have convincing arguments, too, especially if they acted as primary caregiver. The father can demonstrate his interest in the parent-child relationship by continuing or starting to take an active role in the child’s life. He can use his ability to provide adequate financial support for the children in his favor, and prove that he has the ability to secure childcare.

A common school of thought amongst child development experts is that maintaining a relationship with both parents is what is best for a child’s development. A father and his attorney can make this clear in mediation or the custody hearing.

Support: Men Don’t Have to Lose Their Shirts

The other primary issue that causes stress and fear on both sides is the topic of money. Child support, spousal support, and property division can become battlegrounds in a divorce.

Men don’t have to go broke, and they shouldn’t be forced to pay more than what’s deemed fair. Child support is calculated using a standard state formula, but because spousal support and property division are largely up to the court’s discretion in court, men will want to ensure they have an attorney to help fight for their best interests.

Many men are afraid their ex will sandbag her ability to work, that she will milk the man’s income for all it’s worth. Ethically and legally speaking, this shouldn’t be the case. It’s highly advisable to hire an attorney to protect your financial interests during a divorce because once the court order for support has been made, it’s very difficult to change it.

Our Divorce Attorneys Fight for Men’s Rights

Our divorce attorneys at ARM Lawyers sympathize with men’s plight in divorce and are passionate about fairness in the legal system.

If you’re a man in the midst of or considering divorce, our attorneys can help with:

  • protecting fathers’ rights;
  • ensuring you don’t get a poor custody arrangement;
  • calculating child support payments;
  • working to minimize or refute the necessity of alimony;
  • protecting assets; and
  • working to minimize unnecessary and frustrating delays.

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