Pennsylvania Divorce: Addressing Women’s Primary Concerns

Many women have real and pressing worries surrounding their divorce, from “How will I make ends meet?” to “Will I ever be able to find another partner?” In fact, some couples may even stay in their marriages simply because of fear of financial insecurity after divorce.

Financial Concerns about Divorce

Many women are concerned about how they will stay afloat financially after divorce. While even some women who work full time may worry about these issues, financial fears are heightened in women who only work part time or who are stay-at-home mothers.

Fortunately, Pennsylvania courts will take your contributions to the marriage into consideration when determining property division and alimony. It’s important for women to retain a lawyer to help them demonstrate their contributions and their financial need to the courts.

If you have dedicated much of your time to housekeeping services, educating your children, supporting your husband through his career, etc., these are factors that your lawyer can use to support your case and secure alimony and your portion of the marital assets.

Emotional Concerns about Divorce

Divorce is one of the hardest life events that an individual goes through, and it stirs up a lot of emotional issues. Some of the concerns that surface in women contemplating or going through a divorce include:

  • how their children will be affected by the divorce;
  • guilt over leaving;
  • maintaining a good relationship with their children in joint or split custody situations;
  • re-entering the workforce after having taken a number of years off to raise a family;
  • putting their kids in daycare or school, if they have been a stay-at-home or homeschooling mom;
  • how the divorce will affect their friendships or community or church standing;
  • their ability to ever find love again; and
  • fear of loneliness or apprehension about living on her own.

If you are plagued with worry and stress over the divorce, first know that you are not alone. Thousands of women are in the same boat and can empathize with your situation. If they can walk through it and make it to the other side, so can you.

Second, know that there is help available. Speaking to a divorce counselor or joining a local divorce support group may provide you the resources, comfort, and assurance you need to deal with the issues at hand and move past them into a new and better life.

Don’t Allow Concerns to Paralyze You

There is still a lingering public opinion that says that even if you’re unhappy, you should just “tough it out.” While joyful reconciliation is always the best option, it’s just not always practicable, and oftentimes, downright impossible.

Irreconcilable marriages may create a stressful and tension-filled environment. This might not only affect the spouses, but the children as well. While reconciliation is obviously preferable, there are certainly cases where divorce is the best option for all involved.

It’s best not to allow fears to prevent you from taking the steps necessary to secure a better life for yourself and your children. Happiness – your emotional and psychological health and happiness – matters, and you have every right to pursue that, be it via a reconciliation or a divorce.

Our Divorce Attorneys Can Address Your Concerns

Our attorneys at ARM Lawyers in Pennsylvania are sympathetic to women’s concerns in divorce and have a passion for helping them attain settlements that address their pressing concerns related to child custody, property division, child support, and spousal support.